NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award

“Our goal with the NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award is to recognize Eagle Scouts whose efforts have made a significant impact and have inspired others closer to home.​”
Glenn Adams, Vice-President of the National Eagle Scout Association

The NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award (NOESA)was established during the BSA’s 100th Anniversary in 2010 with the first recipient to receive the award a year later. The award was created to recognize notable Eagle Scouts who had either performed distinguished service at the local, state, or regional level or who were known nationally, but had not yet met the 25-year tenure as an Eagle for the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award. Often, worthy candidates for the NOESA have inspired others through their actions and have devoted a lifetime to their profession, avocation, community, and beliefs, at great sacrifice to themselves and their families.

The NOESA has gained prominent standing among Scouting recognitions. Previous recipients include famous authors, explorers, television personalities, military flag officers, scientists, government officials, and prominent businessmen.

Each NOESA recipient receives the above medal and a device to wear on their Eagle Scout uniform knot.

The selection of recipients is made by the local council NESA committee (which may utilize a NESA awards sub-committee), Scout executive, and council president. Each recipient’s actions and accomplishments should elevate the stature of Eagle Scouts in the public eye. Therefore, not all nominations are acted upon, and a substantial percentage of nominations are declined.

Golden Gate Area Council's Outstanding Eagle Scouts

Quentin Alexander2016, Mount Diablo Silverado Council
Michael J. Allison2019, San Francisco Bay Area Council
Cam Bauer2019, San Francisco Bay Area Council
Gary L Baysmore2021, Golden Gate Area Council
Wayne Bishop2016, San Francisco Bay Area Council
Jack Borde2016, Mount Diablo Silverado Council
Trevor P. Bormann2014, San Francisco Bay Area Council
Kenneth Carvalho2019, Alameda Council
Richard Christman2017, Alameda Council
Benjamin Daly2020, Golden Gate Area Council
David Devoe2016, Mount Dibalo Silverado Council
Neville “Trex” Donovan2021, Golden Gate Area Council
Rodney Dore2018, San Francisco Bay Area Council
Don Ford2014, Mount Diablo Silverado Council
George Fosselius2012, Mount Diablo Silverado Council
David Haubert2021, Golden Gate Area Council
Steven Himebaugh2013, San Francisco Bay Area Council
Steven Hoagland2012, Mount Diablo Silverado Council
Jay Johnson2013, San Francisco Bay Area Council
Patrick Kenny2011, Alameda Council
Jason B. Lewis2018, San Francisco Bay Area
Calvin Masuda2011, San Francisco Bay Area Council
Michael Miller2015, San Francisco Bay Area Council
Craig Mizutani2021, Golden Gate Area Council
Jeffrey Orthmann2021, Golden Gate Area Council
Louis “Lou” Paulson2014, Mount Diablo Silverado Council
Steven R. Polcyn2020, Golden Gate Area Council
Scott Rodgers2014, San Francisco Bay Area Council
Steven L. Rodriggs2020, Golden Gate Area Council
Richard Schempp2013, San Francisco Bay Area Council
Gary P. Snyder2019, Mount Diablo Silverado Council
Sam Steele2015, San Francisco Bay Area Council
Larry Teshara2020, Golden Gate Area Council
Jonathan R. Thomas2019, San Francisco Bay Area Council
Jack Thompson2020, Golden Gate Area Council
Nick Tumilowicz2012, San Francisco Bay Area Council
William Upson2016, Mount Diablo Silverado Council
Nils Venge2012, Mount Diablo Silverado Council
John Verdoia2016, San Francisco Bay Area Council
August Voelkel, M.D.2013, Mount Diablo Silverado Council
Dan Walters2018, San Francisco Bay Area Council
John Walton2014, San Francisco Bay Area Council
Donald Wilkinson2016, San Francisco Bay Area Council
Frank Yoke2020, Golden Gate Area Council


The Golden Gate Area Council’s NESA Committee kindly request nominations for the 2021 NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award.  Nominations can be submitted online and are due no later than 11:59 pm on November 7, 2021.
Michael Miller grew up in Oregon, earning his Eagle with Troop 14 of the Crater Lake Council. A Vigil member of the Order of the Arrow, Michael served as the Section Chief for W-1A (State of Oregon). Over the years, he has volunteered in many scouting rules, including as Scoutmaster for his now Eagle Scout son. Today Micahel continues to serve the Golden Gate Area Council as a member of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

NOESA Nomination

  • The nominee must be an Eagle Scout in good standing with the Boy Scouts of America and must either be registered with or have their primary residence within the boundaries of the Golden Gate Area Council.
  • No length of time is required to have passed since earning the Eagle Rank.

1. NOESA Nominee

2. Eagle Scout Record

Please provide as much detail as available, Eagle Scout Award will be verified.

3. Submitted by

Please provied contact information where the Awards Sub-committee can reach you if further information is need.