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Earning the Eagle Scout award is a significant accomplishment that demonstrates exceptional leadership, character, and service to others. If you have earned this prestigious rank and are looking for ways to connect with other Eagle Scouts, consider joining the Golden Gate Area Council’s Eagles Nest. This group is open to all Eagle Scouts who reside, work, are registered, or were once members of the GGAC or any of its legacy councils. Best of all, membership is completely free. Celebrate your achievement by joining the Eagles Nest today and connecting with a community of fellow Eagle Scouts.

As a GGAC Eagles Nest member, you’ll enjoy various benefits designed specifically for Eagle Scouts. These include:

  • Eagle Scout-specific emails keep you updated on news and events relevant to the Eagle Scout community.
  • Exclusive access to Eagle Scout gatherings, where you can connect with other Eagle Scouts, share experiences, and build lasting friendships.
  • Early access to the latest GGAC Eagle Scout gear, so you can proudly display your achievement.
  • Yearly recognition of your Eagle Scout anniversary, celebrating the hard work and dedication that went into earning this prestigious rank.
  • The opportunity to have your photo added to our Digital Eagle Scout Wall, a tribute to the outstanding achievements of Eagle Scouts in our community.

And much more! Don’t miss out on these valuable benefits – join the Eagles Nest today and take your place among a community of outstanding leaders.

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Eagles Nest FAQ

While membership in the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) is not mandatory, we highly recommend it for all GGAC Eagles Nest members. NESA provides additional resources, networking opportunities, and support for Eagle Scouts nationwide. Joining NESA is a great way to stay connected with the larger Eagle Scout community and further develop your leadership skills.

Unfortunately, no. Our system can only match one email address to one Eagle Scout record. To add multiple Eagles to the Eagles Nest, please use a different email address for each individual. If you need to update or change the email address of a current member of the Eagles Nest, kindly send a message to [email protected].

Thank you for being a member of the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA). To join the GGAC Eagles Nest, you will need to enroll separately as membership in NESA does not automatically include membership in the Eagles Nest. While we receive information from National regarding Eagle Scout status and NESA membership to invite Eagles to join, it is necessary for individuals to complete the enrollment process for the Eagles Nest independently.

You do not need an invitation to join the Eagles Nest. The only requirement is having earned the rank of Eagle Scout as a member of the BSA. To become a member, fill out the form above.

Eagle Date' refers to the date when you achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. By default, your 'Eagle Date' is the date of your successful completion of the Eagle Scout Board of Review.

If you are unsure of your 'Eagle Date,' please reach out for assistance by sending an email to [email protected].