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Eagle Scout Spotlight is a weekly blog post highlighting individuals who have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Eagles are given a set of prepared questions in writing and they respond to them as they see fit.  Responses may be edited for spelling mistakes, but they are the words and thoughts of each Eagle Scout.

You will find the question asked in bold and the Eagle Scout’s response immediately below.

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Spotlight: Taryn Lambert

Taryn L

This week’s spotlight features a member of the Inaugural Class of Female Eagle Scouts, Taryn Lambert.  Taryn earned her Eagle at the age of sixteen, with Troop 998g of Pleasanton, Calif. in the Twin Valley district.  A current junior in high school, she plans to study psychology or political science in college.  When she’s not scouting, you can find Taryn mountain biking, skiing, reading, or cooking.

To me, an Eagle Scout is someone who demonstrates the spirit of Scouting and helps others do the same.

Taryn Lambert

Tell us a little bit about you…

I am from Pleasanton, California and I’m currently a junior at Amador Valley High School. I plan to attend a community college and then transfer to a 4 year college and major in psychology or political science. Some of the activities I do in my free time are mountain biking, skiing, reading, and cooking.

When and where do you earn your Eagle Scout?

I passed my Eagle BOR on January 13th, 2021 in Pleasanton, California at age 16.

What did you do for your Eagle Project?

For my project, I lead a group of people in making 70+ reusable face masks for a local drug treatment center. I lead volunteers in cutting fabric and elastic and sewing the masks. We actually did the sewing via zoom which was a really unique experience.

Taryn's Eagle Project
Taryn working on her Eagle Project over zoom.

Did you have a favorite merit badge(s)? Did any merit badges(s) lead to a hobby or profession?

My favorite merit badge was Wilderness Survival. We had to build a shelter and sleep in it overnight for one of the requirements, so I have a lot of positive memories from that.

What does being an Eagle Scout mean to you? What does it mean to be a part of the Inaugural class of Female Eagle Scouts?

To me, an Eagle Scout is someone who demonstrates the spirit of Scouting and helps others do the same. I am really excited to be a part of the Inaugural class of Female Eagle Scouts because I want to show other girls that if you set your mind on something you are able to accomplish it.

Eagle Fact
Taryn and 22 other girls from the GGAC joined close to 1,000 other girls as part of the Inaugural class of Female Eagle Scouts. A full list of girls in the inaugural class can be found in a digital special edition of Scout Life Magazine.

What is the greatest personal asset you developed while earning your Eagle Scout or from being an Eagle in the greater community? How has this asset contributed towards personal fulfillment and success in your professional or personal life?

The greatest personal asset I’ve developed is my communication skills. I have had so many opportunities to grow my communication skills (especially in different leadership positions) which I am super grateful for. Being able to effectively communicate with people is an important skill that I will continue to use for the rest of my life.

Do you have any advice for your fellow Eagles, or for those working towards becoming an Eagle? Or is there common advice that you think should be ignored?

The biggest thing that helped me get Eagle was finding a source of motivation. Start by asking yourself, “Why do I want to be an Eagle Scout?” and go from there. Of course, there will be challenges throughout the journey of getting Eagle Scout, but if you have motivation it will be easier to continue to push through the challenges.
Also, it’s not all about the requirements, it’s about the journey. Many of the valuable lessons I’ve learned from Scouting were not simply requirements to complete. Make sure to slow down and embrace the different experiences Scouting can offer.

If you could add a thirteenth point to the scout law, what would it be?

I would add persistence. It is super important to have a goal in mind and keep trying until you get there.

Taryn and fellow scouts on hike.
Taryn and members of Troop 998g stop for a photo while hiking Mt. Diablo.

Eagle Service Project Map

Have you completed an Eagle Service Project in the GGAC or one of it’s legacy councils?

Eagle Service Project Map

Coming Soon: Eagle Mentoring Panels

GGAC NESA Committee will host one-hour virtual panel / mentoring discussions to connect new Eagle Scouts, and Star and Life scouts, with industry leaders and older Eagle Scouts. Stay tuned for me details.

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